Samlex STS-30 30 amp automatic transfer switch


  • 30 amp automatic transfer capibility
  • Generator only powered outlet



The Samlex Solar STS-30 AC Transfer switch is used with any modified sine wave or pure sine wave power inverter to create an uninterrupted power source in the event that main utility power fails. The STS-30 transfer switch is required to switch the critical AC loads to a standby / back up AC power source like a generator or a power inverter.

By installing the Samlex Solar STS-30 transfer switch at your breaker box and connecting a generator or power inverter to the transfer switch, you can run selected circuits for appliances such as a furnace, well pump, sump pump, refrigerator, television, computer, printer or lighting circuit during a power outage. Functionality is dependent on the capacity of your generator or modified sine wave or pure sine wave inverter.

Design Features

  • Automatically switches between 2 separate AC input sources: Utility Power and a Generator or Inverter/Battery Bank
  • Has a rated capacity of 30 Amps at 120 VAC and is suitable for a 30 Amp Utility Power Cord and a Generator of up to 3.6 KVA capacity
  • Uses a heavy duty Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) relay for switching both the Line and Neutral
  • Can be installed on the line side of the main breaker panel allowing switching of the entire load or on the load side to only switch dedicated circuits
  • DIP Switch select to enable a time delay when transferring to a generator
  • Comes with a standard North American power cord for convenient connection to 15 Amp NEMA5-15R receptacles on a generator or an inverter with up to 1800 VA capacity (Replace this cord with 30 Amp cord if full 30 Amp capacity is required)
  • Has (2) NEMA5-20 outlets for convenient connection to a battery charger

Additional information

Weight4.4 lbs