Schneider C12 12V/12A PWM Charge Controller


  • 12 amp continuous rated, 15a peak (four 50w panels)
  • Use for: battery charging, DC load control, automatic lighting control
  • Electronic short circuit, overload, overtemp, and reverse polarity protection
  • Adjustable battery charging set points, with tamper-resistant adjustment
  • Two year manufacturer’s standard warranty


Xantrex’s C12 solar controller is designed to manage up to 15 amps of short circuit photovoltaic current (approx. four 50 watt panels), with a continuous rating of 12 amps. The C12 will charge your batteries, protect your system from overload, and automatically control lighting systems using your solar panels as a nighttime detection photocell. Reliability is improved through electronic short circuit, overload, overtemperature and reverse polarity protection.

The solid state, pulse width modulated, three stage battery charge control features user adjustable charging set points, with removeable adjustment knobs to prevent tampering.

The DC load control functions will automatically warn you (by blinking the DC load on and off) when batteries reach your chosen Low Voltage Disconnect point, and will be disconnected after 5 minutes if voltage does not rise, or loads are not reduced. The C12 can also automatically reconnect the DC load as soon as your chosen reconnect voltage level is reached in the batteries.

Automatic lighting control can be set to turn lighting systems on at dusk, remain on for a specified number of hours or until dawn (unless Low Voltage Disconnect point is reached).

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Weight3 lbs