Schneider C60 12/24V 60A PWM Charge Controller


  • 60 amp continuous rated
  • Use for: battery charging, DC load control, automatic lighting control
  • Electronic short circuit, overload, overtemp, and reverse polarity protection
  • Adjustable battery charging set points, with tamper-resistant adjustment
  • Two year manufacturer’s standard warranty


Xantrex’s C series charge/load controllers are among the most versatile units available. Each unit is field adjustable for use in 12 or 24 volt systems, in one of three different functional modes. The C series can be used as load diverting charge controllers for wind and water generators, PWM charge controllers for solar systems, or DC load controllers for low voltage disconnect functions.

In solar control mode, the C series utilizes three-stage pulse width modulated charging. This ensures high efficiency, complete, fast battery charging, and proper maintenance to extend your batteries’ life. Charging set points are user adjustable, depending on the battery type your system uses.

In load diversion mode, the C series diverts excess current to a ‘load dump’ in order to prevent battery overcharging. The load dump is user determined, and could be a water or space heating system.

In DC load control mode, the C series controller will connect and disconnect a DC load at user determined battery voltage levels.

In a 24 volt system, the C60 is rated at 60 amps continuous current. If you’re routing your power system wiring through condiut, C series controllers also come with prepared conduit knockouts.

Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs