Schneider Conext Battery Monitor


  • For XW+ and SW systems
  • Enables State of Charge Triggers for AGS
  • Built in Data logging
  • Works with XW-SCP and Conext Combox
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    The Conext Battery Monitor indicates hours of battery based runtime and determines battery bank state of charge. The Conext Battery Monitor shares key battery bank parameters with Conext XW+ inverter/chargers improving overall system performance of 24V and 48V battery banks. Detecting battery string imbalance is determined using innovative mid-point sensing technology providing time to address the issue before performance is significantly impacted.

    Conext Battery Monitor features built-in data logging and a local display to selectively show the voltage, current, consumed amp-hours, remaining capacity and remaining hours. The same information and battery bank data is reported by ComBox and distributed to other Conext devices such as XW+ inverter chargers as well as MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, Automatic Generator Start module and System Control Panel via XanbusTM network connectivity enhancing performance of the overall system.

    Industrial and telecom customers can integrate Conext Battery Monitor with energy management systems over ModbusTM RS485.

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