Sun-Mar Compost Quick


  • Compost accelerator spray for composting toilets
  • Enzyme liquid supports aerobic bacterial action
  • Spray 3–4 pumps into toilet, before rotating compost drum
  • Can also be used to clean the bowl liner


Compost Quick is a 100% natural product specially formulated to speed the activity of aerobic bacteria in Sun-Mar composting toilets. Supplied in 16oz pump spray bottle, all you have to do is spray 3-4 pumps into the toilet before rotating the composting drum. You can order a single bottle on this page, or order a case of 6. From the manufacturer:

Compost Quick comes in a 16 oz. spray bottle. This enzyme liquid accelerates the composting action, leaving you with a perfect finished compost every time. It can also be used as a cleaner for your bowl liner!

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Weight1.25 lbs