Sun-Mar Compost Sure Blue, for Low-Flow Centrex Toilets


  • Compost Bulking agent for water-flush composting toilets
  • Coarse chopped, easily degradable hemp fiber
  • Helps retain moisture, and ensure porosity
  • Add 1 scoop to composter for every bowel movement


SunMar Blue Compost Sure is specifically intended for use with all Sun-Mar low water CENTREX system; where using water to flush.

Compost Sure is packaged in 30 liter (8 gallon) bags. You may purchase a single bag on this page; or see below to buy a 5 bag case.

Simply add 1 cup to your composting drum per person per day (average), or 1 cup for every bowel movement.

From the manufacturer:

Compost Sure Blue for water flush composting toilets comes in a 8 gallon (30 litre) bag. This is bulking material containing 100% hemp stalk. Designed especially for central systems with low-flush toilets in addition to garden composters. The hemp stalk breaks down quickly while offering good porousity and keeps the compost supplied with carbon.

Compost Sure (Blue) is a mixture of hemp core (stalk) and course sphagnum peat moss. It consists of coarse peat moss and chopped hemp stalk. Hemp will decompose where wood shavings and peat moss do not – giving your compost a longer residency time! More importantly, it saves you the time of making your own mix.

It also ensures good porosity so that liquid can drain easily, leaving behind free air space for oxygen.

Finally, Compost Sure (Blue) offers a biologically active matrix.

Typically in stock in small quantities only.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs