Sun-Mar Excel 120V Composting Toilet


  • Excel self-contained composting toilet
  • 6 adults/Family of 8: Weekend/vacation use
  • 3 adult/Family of 5: Full-time use
  • Requires electricity for use
  • Available in White or Bone
  • Includes 8′ of vent pipe
  • Pricing for IN-STORE purchase in Fairbanks or Anchorage.
  • Call for a shipping quote if you need this item shipped to your location.


SunMar’s Excel composting toilet is one of the most popular models of self-contained toilet available. It’s a perfect size for regular household use, enabling your family to enjoy the convenience of an indoor toilet without the hassle or expense of installing a full septic system. When installed in a seasonal or weekend cabin, the Excel can be used by up to 6 adults, or a family of 8. For year-round residential use, SunMar recommends limiting regular use to up to 3 adults or a family of five. More from the manufacturer:

The SUN-MAR Excel is a high capacity, electric, self-contained unit. Long considered the standard in composting toilet performance, it is the preferred self-contained model for heavy cottage or for residential use. Like all Sun-Mar toilets the Excel incorporates a patented Bio-drum? which ensures a fast and odourless decomposition. ANSI/NSF-41 is the only composting toilet standard in North America, and only Sun-Mar toilets (including the Excel) are certified and listed by NSF for cottage and/or residential use. During extensive testing by NSF, the Excel was found to operate odourlessly, to produce a clean dry compost, and to evaporate all liquids. The Excel saves thousands of gallons of water while recycling waste into a safe useable soil. The unit is shipped fully assembled. To install, simply plug into a regular 110V outlet and connect the 2″ vent stack supplied with the unit.


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Weight100 lbs




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