Wiseway Primary Burn Pot


  • Replacement Burn Pot
  • Fits GW-1949 and GW-2014 Stoves
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This is a replacement standard burn pot for Wiseway GW-1949 and GW-2014 pellet stoves. The operating range for a Wiseway stove with a standard primary burn pot is 450-800°F.

NOTE: If you find that your stove is consistently burning too hot for your location/application, consider installing the Low-temp burn pot instead of this model. Due to the low-temp burn pot’s “V” shaped tubes, designed to restrict flow, your stove will burn cooler and a 40 lb. bag of pellets will last ~3 times as long.

CALL FOR AVAILABILITY: Wiseway parts may not be available, or may have a significant lead time. Please call, and let us find out whether we have (or can get) your part, before you come to the store!

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