Xantrex Powerhub Backup Power System


  • Battery-based backup power system
  • Double capacity from 200 to 400Ah storage with a second battery box
  • Designed to charge from renewable energy sources
  • Perfect replacement for a noisy generator
  • Designed for indoor use, with no fuel, fumes or noise
  • Add it to your grid-tie renewable power system for backup power


The Xantrex PowerHub is a combination of an inverter/charger module capable of delivering up to 1800 watts of household power. It is the first backup power solution to operate with solar and wind inputs. Power from a generator or the utility grid can also be used with the PowerHub system to recharge its batteries. The PowerHub provides an affordable, high-output, primary power solution for an off-grid cottage or cabin, as well as backup power for grid-connected homes when the power goes out. It is scalable up to 400 amp-hours of energy (order an additional battery box), allowing customers to build their system based on their power requirements.

  • 1800 watt continuous output
  • 2880 watt surge capacity
  • Integrated 3-stage battery charger
  • Storage for 2 grp. 27 sealed batteries *batteries not included

Additional information

Weight57 lbs