ABS Alaskan Document Downloads

All of our downloadable Tech Notes, available product manuals and information booklets are accessible through the links below. NOTE: All documents are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.Some documents (primarily booklets and product manuals) are very large, and should be saved to your desktop before viewing. Windows users should right click on the document links. Macintosh users should click-and-hold on the link. Then choose the “Save” or “Download” option in the cursor menu that appears.

Alternative Energy Tech Notes

Periodically ABS Alaskan releases short bulletins about our products and various technical issues relating to alternative energy equipment, direct current electricity, energy efficient and non-electric appliances, and other pertinent topics.

These documents are all small enough to be conveniently viewed directly in your browser, or can be saved to your computer and printed for future reference.

Hydro System Tech Notes

Micro hydro power is one of the most efficient and effective alternative energy sources. We’ve collected our hydro power PDF documents in one section. Download our entire Hydro System Design booklet, with overviews of micro-hydro system design and the selection of hydro turbines we carry, or download smaller excerpts and stand-alone Tech Notes on specific hydro power topics.

Most of the excerpts and Tech Notes are small enough to be conveniently viewed in your browser, but the Hydro Booklet should be downloaded to your computer first.

Product Manuals

We have PDF Owner’s Manual files available for many of the products listed on this site. In cases where the manual for a product is not listed, either the manufacturer does not provide a detailed manual, we do not carry the product in stock/do not have access to the manual, or we do not have permission to distribute product materials from the parent company. Our product manuals are sorted by manufacturer.

Most of these documents are very large, and should be saved directly to your desktop/hard drive for most convenient viewing.

Load Evaluation Form

Our PDF Load Evaluation Form makes it easy for you to determine your energy usage and power system needs. As you fill in the form with the power consumption of your individual appliances, the PDF form does all the calculations for you!

This form must be filled out on screen for the automatic calculations to work, but we recommend saving it to your computer first, so you can save your data.