Hydro System Design Tech Notes

Micro-hydro power has so many special considerations for system design, we’ve created this special sub section devoted to home water power systems. Each link opens a PDF file in a new window.

Hydro Power Design Booklet (9MB)

Our hydro power booklet presents an overview of each water turbine generator we offer, with outlines of the operating requirements and power output of each model. It also features an extensive look at the requirements of a hydro power site, with guidelines to help you decide which turbine would work best for your location, and how to adapt your site to install an effective water power system

Determine Head & Flow for Your Hydro Site (booklet excerpt)

Head (how far your water falls before it reaches the turbine) and Flow (how much water volume you have available) are what determine how much power you can make, and what kind of turbine you should use to make the most of it. Here is how to figure out what your site’s head and flow is.

Choosing a Site for the EnCurrent Vertical Hydro Turbine (Tech Note)

The new vertical-axis EnCurrent hydro turbine allows much more flexible siting and installation than many other turbine designs. This tech note will explain what special considerations there are for choosing an appropriate site for the EnCurrent.

An Overview of ES&D’s Water Turbines (Tech Note)

Energy Systems & Design produces three hydro turbines, the LH1000, Water Baby and the Stream Engine. These three models can be used in a variety of high and low head applications. This tech note will give you an overview of each model, including considerations for choosing the most appropriate model for your site.

Other Hydro Turbine Models (booklet excerpt)

We also offer a variety of micro-hydro turbines from other manufacturers. Althought ES&D’s turbines are highly recommended for most sites, these turbines — including the famous Harris Pelton from Harris Hydro, and a variety from Nautilus Hydro — may be a more appropriate choice in certain locations.

Choosing a Site for the LH1000 Turbine (Tech Note)

The LH1000 turbine is one of our strongest performers for low-head installations. This document explains the considerations and limitations for choosing the best location and designing the best installation to get maximum performance & power output from your LH1000 site.

Closed Diversion Systems for Micro-Hydro Turbines (booklet excerpt)

All the impulse turbines, and some of the reaction turbines we carry, require you to pipe the water to the turbine housing, to build necessary head pressure for maximum power output. Here are some tips for designing an efficient closed diversion system for your site.

Open Diversion Systems for Micro-Hydro Turbines (booklet excerpt)

Some reaction-style hydro turbines allow you to use an open raised canal as a diversion system to deliver water to the turbine housing. Here are some tips for designing an efficient open diversion system for the different hydro-power turbines we carry.