Flojet 3526-144 12V 2.9gpm Triplex pump


  • 12V DC Triplex Water Pump
  • 2.9 gallons per minute
  • Quad Port inlet/outlet
  • Self-priming to 9 feet
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Meets ISO 8846 (Ignition protection)
  • 03526-144A 03526-14A 10-0109 R3526-144A


Flojet’s 3526-144 Triplex Automatic Water System pump is a good choice for and common to many RV’s. But can also work well in cabin. Corrosion resistant materials means it can also be used in Marine vessels.

The 3526-144 offers smooth water flow up to 2.9 gallons per minute, with a pressure switch to maintain flow pressure up to 50 PSI.

Recommended for use with a 1740 series inlet strainer (not included) to protect pump mechanism from water-borne debris. Damage caused by debris intake is not covered by warranty.

Built in by-pass reduces pulsation and the need for an Accumulator Tank.

Can be mounted vertical or horizontal.

Self-priming to 9 foot suction lift.

Can run dry without damage.

Totally enclosed 12 volt Permanent Magnet ball bearing motor is ignition protected (meets ISO 8846). 10 amp fuse recommended on the positive lead (not included).

Uses Quad snap-in port fittings. Multiple Quad fittings are available to make your connections. Comes with a selection of 4 different Quad port fittings.

See 20406-045 for replacement Pump Head kit. 2091-050 for replacement Pressure Switch Kit. 20407-034 for replacement Check Valve Assembly.

Typically in stock.

03526144A; 03526-144A, Xylem

Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs




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