Flojet 4406 Quiet Quad 3.3gpm Pump (12V or 120V)


  • 12V or 120V AC water system pump
  • No pressure tank needed!
  • For water systems with up to five fixtures
  • Four chamber diaphragm w/bypass reduces pump cycling
  • Self-priming, can run dry without damage
  • Inlet strainer recommended


Flojet’s Quad Pump series provides high volume water flow with reduced pump cycling, thanks to the four-chamber diaphragm and internal bypass. The 4406 models are designed to run on water systems with no accumulator tank, and up to five outlets.

The 4406-143 12V model is well suited for use with a holding tank water system, as may be found in a boat, RV or remote cabin. The 4406-043 model is well suited for use with a holding tank water system, which runs on standard household AC power. This pump is designed to be hard-wired into your water system, so it does not come with a three-prong plug!

Quad Pumps are self-priming, and can run dry without damage. The internal bypass feature allows excess water to recirculate inside the pump, eliminating the need for an accumulator tank. They’re easy to install, service, and winterize with Quad snap-in port fittings. Flojet recommends installing a 1740 series inlet strainer (not included with this pump) to protect the pump from debris.

See 20409-043 for service kit. 2090-104 for Pressure Switch Kit.

Additional information


120vac, 12vdc



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