Flojet 4524 5gpm 115VAC Quad VSD Pump (Plug-in)


  • 5gpm AC-powered water pump
  • Constant water pressure
  • Low amp draw variable-speed motor
  • No pressure tank or pressure switch
  • Plugs in to regular 120VAC power outlet


The 4524-500 AC Variable Speed Drive constant pressure pump system matches motor speed to system demand. As more liquid is needed, the motor responds to increase flow. Conversely, as the demand lessens, the motor slows to a “super quiet” speed, always retaining a constant system pressure. The result is exceptionally stable flow and reduced amp draw. The Flojet AC VSD sensor-controlled pumps provide stable, constant-pressure operation on any AC application. Operation from no flow to maximum flow is proportionally controlled, eliminating unwanted pump switch cycling and the need for an accumulator tank.

Set up with factory 3 prong outlet AC plug. Please see the 4524-043 for a hardwire version. (Wiring on your own 3 prong outlet plug may void the manufacturers warranty.)

A 20 mesh strainer minimum is required (40 mesh is better) on the inlet as debris will damage the pump internals. Failures due to foreign debris are not covered under warranty.

Pump does not include an inlet strainer/filter. There are a number of configurations available. See our inlet strainer/filter section under ‘water system parts’ if you require one.

Does include 1 pair of 10/13 mm hose barb x quad fittings. See our inlet/outlet fittings section under ‘pump repair parts’ if you require different quad fittings.


  • Maintains steady fluid pressure in response to variable flow demand
  • No pressure switch
  • Conserves energy, low amp draw
  • Quiet running under normal use
  • Automatically adjusts motor speed to maintain pressure
  • Improves overall system performance
  • Eliminates bulky accumulator tank for limited space requirements
  • Uses the Quad snap-in Port Fittings.


Materials: Polyprop housing, Santoprene diaphragm, EPDM check valve
Motor: Permanent Magnet Rectified, 115VAC, 60Hz, 1.34 amps @ 45psi
Max fluid temperature: 130 deg F
Flow rate: 5.0 GPM – open flow
Actual Weight: 6.63 pounds (boxed shipping weight is higher)
Dimensions: 9″ L x 6.3″ W x 3.75″ H

Typically in stock.

Xylem 04524-500A; 04524500A, Xylem

Additional information

Weight7.5 lbs




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