Iota IQ4-54 4-Stage 48V Battery Charge Control


  • 4-stage battery charging control for DLS-54-13 chargers
  • Maintains 48V battery banks during long-term storage
  • Automatically adjusts charge setting to battery needs


The IQ4-54 ‘smart charger’ controller adds 4-stage charging capability to IOTA’s DLS54-13 DLS series battery charger. When your batteries reach a pre-set low voltage, the IQ4 will start a fast-charging ‘bulk’ current, then drop down to a lesser ‘absorption’ charge as the batteries near full charge, and maintain the batteries with a ‘float’ current when they reach full charge. LED indicator informs the user of the battery status and charging stage.

4-stage charging maximizes the speed and efficiency of the charging cycle, and helps to prolong the life of the battery. If your batteries sit at ‘float’ voltage for a week, the IQ4 will deliver an equalization charge that ‘tops up’ and conditions the battery bank, ensuring that the batteries are always in peak condition when you need them.

Please see standard IQ-4 for more in depth information on the IQ-4.

Generally the IQ4 is no longer voltage specific. The DLS54-13 though requires a special IQ-4 model.

NOTE: Please check with us or IOTA before using these on older IOTA units as they may not be compatible and could damage older models!

2 Year IOTA warranty.

Typically in stock at our Alaska and Washington locations.

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