Samlex PSE Modified Sine Wave Inverter 1250-2750 watt 12/24 volt


  • High efficiency switching mode design
  • Modified sine wave output voltage
  • 12 or 24V DC input – 120V AC output
  • 1250, 1750, or 2750 watts continuous output
  • 2500, 3500, or 4500 watts surge capacity
  • Low battery alarm / shut down feature
  • Two Year Manufacturers Warranty


Samlex’s PSE-series modified sine wave inverters provide between 1250 and 2750 watts of continuous 115VAC power (2500-4500W surge capacity) from 12VDC battery power. They have low no-load draw, and switching mode design to minimize uneccesary power use. The PSE-12125A and PSE-12175A feature two output receptacles on the front, while the PSE-12275A is designed for hardwired output connections. The front-end LED display indicates battery voltage and output power levels.

Samlex inverters include standard low-battery alarms and automatic shut-down to protect your batteries from excessive drain, and include overload protection for the safety of your AC appliances. Their compact, lightweight design is ideal for portable applications such as service vehicles, recreation vehicles, boats and temporary field installations. However, their reliable, high-efficiency design is also good for permanent in-home power needs and office power backup systems.

Product Features

  • High efficiency switching mode design
  • Illuminating LED bar graphics indicate input voltage and
    input current
  • Temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Low input voltage warning alarm
  • Optional remote operation with Samlex Model RC-15
    remote control (sold separately)
  • Protections: high/low voltage, over temperature and over load
    shut down
  • High output current surge

Additional information


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