Sun-Mar 2″ 90 degree Electric Toilet Vent Pipe Connector


  • 2″ 90° electric toilet vent pipe coupling
  • NOT FOR USE with NON-electric composting toilets
  • CANNOT be substituted with standard PVC pipe


2 inch diameter, 90° Sun-Mar toilet vent pipe coupling. This coupler is for joining two 30″ straight vent pipes (or two pipes cut to custom lengths) at a right angle. However, Sun-Mar recommends using 45° joints whenever possible, and limiting bends in your vent pipe as much as possible.

2″ diameter Sun-Mar pipe is required for venting Sun-Mar electric toilets, except the Mobile model. This includes: Excel, Compact, and Spacesaver stand-alone toilets, and all electric models of Centrex central composting systems (whether 1 pint flush, or dry flush).

Sun-Mar composting toilet duct/pipe for Sun-Mar toilets is NOT hardware store PVC pipe. If you try to use regular PVC pipe to replace/repair part of your Sun-Mar plumbing or venting, it will NOT fit into the rest of the system.

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