Sun-Mar Compost Magic Bulking Fiber


  • Natural compost bulking material
  • Recommended Nature’s Head toilets
  • Speeds up composting action in garden compost
  • Made of shredded coconut waste (coconut coir)
  • Brick expands to ~2gal of compost bulk
  • Available as single block, or case of 6


Sun-Mar Compost Magic © dramatically speeds up composting in a Sun-Mar Garden Composter. Compost Magic is 100% natural and non-toxic bulking material which is compressed for easy transportation, storage and handling. When water is added to a 600g brick, the brick expands to a volume of 8-9L (~2+ US gallons).

Made of coconut waste.

Available in single bricks, or packs of six (6).

Typically in stock at our Fairbanks, AK location. SKU16182

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