Trojan SCS150 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Battery


  • 100 amp hour 12 volt deep cycle battery
  • L: 11.3″ (286mm) W: 6.73″ (171mm) H: 9.8″ (248mm)
  • Capacity: 150 min. @ 25 Amps 36 min. @ 75 Amps
  • Download Trojan SCS150 Datasheet


Trojan deep cycle flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries utilize their exclusive Alpha Plus conducting paste formula to increase battery output and life. Their exclusive Polyon battery cases provide a stronger, lighter weight housing for your battery. Their 70 years of battery design and manufacturing experience has led to a superior product line for your home power system, and any other deep cycle battery needs.

The Trojan SCS150 100 Amp Hour 12 volt battery can be used in 12 or 24 volt systems, with multiple batteries connected in series to match your system’s voltage. One battery for a 12 volt system, 2 batteries in series for a 24 volt system, etc. Multiple series sets can be connected in parallel to increase your system’s amp hour capacity.