Trojan T-105 Deep Cycle Battery, 6 volt


  • True Deep cycle battery
  • 6 volt
  • 225AH @ 20hr
  • BCI Group Size GC2


Trojan deep-cycle flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries utilize their exclusive Alpha Plus conducting paste formula to increase battery output and life. Their exclusive Polyon battery cases provide a stronger, lighter-weight housing for your battery. Their 70 years of battery design and manufacturing experience has led to a superior product line for your home power system, and any other deep cycle battery needs.

The Trojan T105 220 Amp Hour 6 volt battery can be used in 12, 24, and 48-volt systems, with multiple batteries connected in series to match your system’s voltage. Two batteries in series for a 12 volt system, 4 batteries in series for a 24 volt system, etc. Multiple series sets can be connected in parallel to increase your system’s amp hour capacity.

Additional information

Weight62 lbs