Bogart Engineering TriMetric 35′ Wiring Cable


  • 35′ #22 AWG gauge wires
  • includes fuse and wiring diagram
  • Ring terminals for battery shunt


Premade 35 foot wire harness cable kit for connecting the Trimetric meter to the shunt & battery.

22 gauge wiring.

Includes fuse holder and fuse.

Made by the manufacturer, Bogart Engineering.

Comes with instructions.

Works on TM-2030, TM-2025 and TM-2020 models.

(Note, this is NOT used to connect the TM-2030s to the SC-2030.)

See our part number 910007 for 50 foot wire harness kit.

Typically in stock at our Alaska and Washington stores.


Additional information

Weight4 lbs