DSR118 6V/12V 125/15/2 amp Starter/Charger


  • Automatic 6V/12V Starter/Charger
  • 125 amp engine start
  • 15 amp fast charge: 2–4hr.
  • 2 amp trickle charge: ~12hr.
  • 2 year manufacturer limited warranty


Schumacher’s DSR118, 125/15/2 amp starter/charger handles most everyday 6 and 12 volt charging needs. 125 amp engine start gets most vehicles running, 15 amp setting charges most batteries in 2-4 hours, 2 amp trickle charge will charge a small 12V battery in 2-12 hours, and is also great for storage maintenance.

Reverse connection protection and automatic voltage detection ensures safe charging for any battery. Fully automatic – will not overcharge batteries. 2 year limited warranty.

Additional information

Weight10.6 lbs