Flojet 18550-000 Macerator Pump: Hose Barb


  • 12V DC RV waste macerator pump
  • Connects to 3″ slip-on RV outlet hose
  • Hose barb discharge port
  • Fresh water rinse capabilities
  • 13 gallons per minute flow rate
  • USCG and CSA listed


Flojet’s 18550-000A Self-Priming Macerator Waste Pump for 12V DC electrical systems, with 3 inch RV-type slip-on hose inlet. This model features a 1″ hose barb outlet. Grinds waste as it pumps, reduces particle size to 1/8″. ~13 gallon per minute (49LPM) flow rate, will empty a typical 30 gallon waste holding tank in three minutes.

  • Self-priming flexible impeller with stainless steel wear plate and cutter.
  • Six foot self-priming lift with wet impeller; four foot when dry.
  • May be mounted any position or angle without affecting performance.
  • 12 Volt DC permanent magnet motor, fully enclosed with stainless steel shaft.
  • Jabsco Nitrile Compound Impeller.

Designed to be installed permanently for easy tank evacuation from a toilet or plumbing clean-out access. Does not come with waste pump switch kit. Do not run pump dry. Suitable for intermittent duty; do NOT run for more than 15 minutes continuously.

This pump should be used in accordance with EPA Sanitation Regulations.

Typically in stock.

18550000A 18550000 18550-000, Jabsco, Xylem

Additional information

Weight4.9375 lbs




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