PowerSpout LH (low head) Micro-Hydro Turbine

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  • Kaplan/Propeller type micro hydro turbine
  • Designed for low head, high-volume install sites
  • Installed in a dam or weir, to direct water flow
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PowerSpout’s revolutionary line of low-head (reaction) water turbines makes a number of improvements over other popular models. If your install site has at least 1 meter of head and 14 liters/sec water flow, a PowerSpout LH could be the solution to your home power needs. With sufficient water flow, you could be generating 1.6kW of power 24 hours per day.

  • Static head range: 1 to 5m (3 – 16 feet)
  • Maximum flow/turbine: 55 l/s (880 gpm)
  • Minimum flow/turbine: 25 l/s (400 gpm)
  • Dimensions: Diameter 300mm x length 1050mm (12 inches x 42 inches)
  • Maximum power: 1600W
  • Maximum current rating: 32 amp

The PowerSpout LH is a reaction/kaplan type turbine. This type gives the maximum shaft rpm from the lowest head of water. The propeller is completely submerged in water (unlike the impulse (pelton & turgo) turbines that run in air, driven by a jet of water).

The Powerspout LH propeller is situated at the top end of a tube that connects two bodies of water. The head of pressure on the propeller is actually created by the suction effect of water in the draft tube below the turbine. It is important that this tube is full of water, so both the turbine at the top, and the mouth of the tube at the bottom must be completely submerged in water. The drive shaft connects the propeller to an alternator above the water level, which produces electricity. The current is rectified within the unit to DC suitable for a Maximum Power Point Tracking battery charge controller or a grid-tied inverter.

PowerSpout LH turbines are best employed by locating a part of the river that drops 2-5 m quickly (over a set of rapids). The generation capacity of your site is determined by the water supply, primarily by the vertical distance the water falls (head) and how much water flows in a given time (flow rate). Please note that the “head” for the LH is the drop in height between the water surface at the turbine and the water surface at the tailrace.

Please contact us to discuss the details of your location, and we can work with you to put together the perfect PowerSpout package for your needs.

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  • In Alaska: 1-800-478-7145
  • In the rest of the US: 1-800-235-0689