PulseTech SC-12 Xtreme12 Suitcase Pulse Charger


  • Charge, recover and maintain up to twelve 12V batteries
  • Works on all types of 12 Volt flooded, VRLA and AGM lead-acid batteries
  • Wheeled HPX plastic cabinet, for maximum portability
  • Works anywhere in the world with detachable IEC connector
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty


Recover, Charge & Maintain up to Twelve 12V Batteries

The SC-12 Xtreme 12-Station HD Charger features 12 independent charging stations, each offering 12V/6A charging capability. Because each channel is completely independent of the others, you can charge any combination of 12V lead acid batteries at the same time. With its durable wheeled case, the SC-12 can be moved to wherever your batteries may be: on the pallet, in a shop, or on a storage rack.

The charging system is completely automated, with no dials or switches to set, and reverse polarity and overcharge protection, this is a truly ‘set it and forget it’ charger. Five LED indicators next to each cable connection display the status of each battery channel at all times.

The twelve independent charging channels profile the condition of each battery and then automatically cycle through a charge and recovery process that applies the correct charge (variable up to 6A) and our optimized high frequency pulse to each battery. This patented technology removes sulfate deposits on battery plates, increasing the battery’s ability to accept, retain and release energy, making existing batteries last longer.

More About Pulse Charging Technology:
To understand how pulse conditioning works, you need to know that batteries ‘wear out’ because the electrolyte inside them slowly crystallizes over time, building up lead sulfite deposits on the battery plates. These deposits effectively insulate the battery plates, making it harder and harder for the battery to create electrical current. Eventually, the battery will not hold enough of a charge to function properly. This photo shows the results of a 4-year test conducted by PulseTech, showing how pulse charging technology helps prevent this damaging buildup. After 4 years of every-other day charging/discharging, the PulseTech charged battery plates still look almost new.

PulseTech pulse charging test

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Weight63 lbs