Quick Charge 24V/40a Select-a-Charge On-Board Charger


  • 24V–40a configurable on-board battery charger
  • For vehicle start batteries AND deep cycle batteries
  • Configurable for frequent charging OR long-term maintenance
  • Temperature compensation available


Quick Charge SCO select-a-charge onboard battery chargers adapt to whatever battery type and charging program you need, with 4 selectable charging programs and multiple adjustments available for programs 2-4 (a 5th program is available for Lithium battery charging, but it must be programmed at the factory). The available settings are:

Basic Charging Programs:

  • F1: Single-stage float charge. For gel and vehicle start batteries. No adjustments available.
  • F2: Two-stage charge cycle for deep-cycle wet cell batteries. Bulk charging stage, followed by a gassing cycle.
  • F3: Three-stage charge cycle for deep-cycle wet cell batteries. Bulk charging, followed by gassing, followed by maintenance charging.
  • F4: Three-stage charge cycle for AGM batteries. Bulk charging, followed by an absorption cycle, followed by maintenance charging.

Charging Adjustments:

  • d0: Normal gassing/absorption cycle. Good for most 3-stage charging applications.
  • d1: Short gassing/absorption cycle. Good for frequent recharging where there is very little battery discharge.
  • d2: Longer gassing/absorption cycle. Some battery brands benefit from longer charging cycles (such as US Battery & Full River).
  • r0: For the F2 program, this adjustment will completely terminate the charging program when the battery reaches full charge.
  • r1: For the F2 program, after reaching full charge, the charger will shut down, but will check the battery voltage on a weekly basis. If the voltage drops past a set level, the charger will activate and bring the battery back to full charge.

Additional information

Weight36 lbs

Temperature Compensation


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