Quick Charge OBE24V/25A 24 volt 25 amp Maintenance Charger


  • For 24 volt batteries
  • 25 amp maintenance charger
  • 150-350 Amp Hour Battery capacity
  • Vibration resistant
  • Weather resistant


Quick Charge OBE Onboard Battery Chargers are perfect for charging and maintaining gel batteries and other infrequently used battery systems. The OBE 24 volt 25 amp model will bring your 24V batteries up to 2.3 volts per cell, and then drop to a maintenance “float” voltage, to ensure they stay charged.

24V OBE onboard chagers will not overcharge your batteries under normal use, and can be installed on any 24V battery, although 25+ amp models are most often used on large deep-cycle batteries like those used for forklifts, golf carts or scissor lifts.

These chargers are designed for maximum durability, with a rugged, vibration resistant design, in a waterproof fully-sealed die cast enclosure. The compact design fits almost any installation space, including Slim type scissor lifts and other tight-fitting applications.

Quick Charge’s high efficiency design is 25% MORE energy efficient than ferroresonant chargers, and all OBE chargers now include temperature compensation to ensure your batteries always receive optimal charging current for actual conditions rather than an ideal “shop” temperature. The LED charge indicator lights constantly during charging, then dims and blinks when batteries reach full charge.

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Weight26 lbs

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