Rutland 504 Windcharger 12V Wind Turbine


  • 12V 60W compact wind turbines
  • Optional HRS503 controller (+$75)
  • Low cut-in windspeed: only 3m/s
  • Three-phase brushless alternator
  • 510mm diameter blades, 12 inch turning radius
  • One Year limited manufacturers warranty
  • Made in the United Kingdom
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New for 2010 the Rutland WG504 E-furl by Marlec Engineering. The E-furl feature is intended for when used in land applications. It protects the alternator from more turbulent winds sometimes encountered when used in a land installation. The E-furl is still marine grade and also works just as well, if not better, in marine applications. We are currently only stocking the E-furl model. Non E-furl models can be special ordered and can take 2~4 weeks to ship.

In 2009 Marlec updated the design of the already highly successful older 503 model to the Rutland WG 504 with a more streamlined design and greater UV stability on materials.

With a peak output of approximately 60 watts in 40+ MPH winds, the WG504 would be right at home on a boat, offshore installation or other harsh environments. Yet only needs about 5 knots (5.75 MPH) of wind to start charging.

The low friction 3 phase alternator gives smooth, silent output. Brushless alternator and fixed shaft negates the need for brushgear and means lower maintenance.

The WG504’s unique Safety Turbine blade design, and a turning radius of just 304mm (~12″) make it ideal for intallations where space is at a premium. The WG504 six bladed design gives better turbine balance and quieter operation. Blades have a diameter of 510mm (~20″).

All Marlec Rutland wind generators are built to marine specifications, making them very durable in harsh environments. Their unique high inertia alternator acts like a flywheel-effect and continues producing power between sudden gusts of wind, when other turbines may stall.

All Rutland generators feature low start-up speeds, and high peak output speeds, making them some of the most versatile home power generators available.

Currently only available in 12 volt.

Designed for use with Rutland’s HRS503/12V Regulator, HRSi controller, HRDi dual battery charge controller, HRDX/12V digital controllers; or any 12V 5 amp (or larger) load diverting controller. Can also use the HRS913/12V controller. The HRS & HRDX controller/regulators will also additionally handle +100w of solar panel (with the WG504). While the HRSi and HRDi will also handle +160W of solar panel.

Mounts by sleeving into a pipe with a 31mm (~1.22″) ID. Max 1-1/2″ OD on the pipe or the blades may be able to flex enough to hit the pipe.

1 year manufacturers limited warranty.

Made in the UK. Our price may occasionaly change due to exchange rates and shipping costs.

Typically in stock. Call and check availability if need in a hurry or if need quantity.

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