Sun-Mar 17″ Sealand 510 Full Height 1 Pint Toilet


  • Toilet seat unit for Sun-Mar Centrex composters
  • 17 1/8″ from floor to top of seat
  • Multiple toilets can be used w/one Centrex 2000/3000
  • Pricing for IN-STORE purchase in Fairbanks or Anchorage.
  • Call for a shipping quote if you need this item shipped to your location.


Sun-Mar’s regular-height (17″) low flow 1 Pint Flush Toilet is designed for use with their central composting toilet systems. The 1 Pint Flush Toilet is required for the Centrex 1000 composting unit, but can also be used with holding tank systems. From the manufacturer:

Using about one pint per flush, these ultra low flush toilets provide all the advantages of a flush toilet while minimizing water usage. They are ideal for use with Sun-Mar Central Composting Systems, but can also be used with holding tanks, overloaded septic systems, and in RV’s.

A simple foot pedal flush opens the water valve and gate when pushed down, and fills the bowl with water when lifted. After flushing, a small amount of water is held in the toilet bowl which is sealed by a self-cleaning ball valve and teflon seal. Even gravity-fed water from a roof tank is sufficient to flush a 1 pint flush toilet. In winter they can be flushed manually using a container if necessary.

The 1 pint flush toilet has a regular sized toilet seat. In some instances, extra height is needed to allow the toilet to gravity feed to the composting unit. Where this is the case, the 1 pint flush toilet can be mounted on a platform.

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Weight45 lbs