Sun Xtender PVX-1040T 104AH 12V AGM Battery


  • VRSLA-AGM Deep Cycle
  • 12 volt
  • 104AH @ 24hr
  • Group 27
  • UN2800 shipping
  • Description

    The Sun Xtender PVX-1040T is a compact 12V renewable energy battery for solar, wind and back up energy storage. The BCI group 27 battery size, and deep cycling capacity, is perfect for mobile 12V power systems, and the PVX-1040T features clean, sustainable, efficient operation. Sun Xtender’s proprietary polyethylene plate separator design, combined with the high-impact outer case material, provides superior vibration resistance in mobile installations. In fact, the non-spillable construction allows the battery to be used upright or on its end or side, and the maintenance-free AGM design means no water replenishment ever.

    Additional information

    Weight65 lbs