12 Panel Ground Mount PV Array Kit


  • Array Mount Kit for 12 PV Panels
  • Designed for a full 20A grid-tie solar array
  • Easy DIY assembly and maintenance
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This ground mount array frame allows you to mouth 12 solar panels in a professional-quality array.

You provide a 12 ft x 20 ft install area (cement slab or compacted gravel pad) and 12 large solar panels, and this kit will give you everything you need to set up your solar array. The frame material is heavy-duty galvanized steel frame for durability and long life, the base is pressure treated timber, and anchor rods are provided for long-term stability.

Advantages over roof mounted solar arrays:

  1. No risk of roof damage or leaks
  2. Easily assembled as a DIY project
  3. Inexpensive – as low as $1.00/watt for the mounting structure
  4. Easy to keep clear of snow for reliable year round solar panel performance
  5. Can gain up to 20% annual solar production
  6. Holds panels for a full 20A grid tie solar circuit