Morningstar S10 SunSaver 10A PWM Charge Controller


  • 100% solid state
  • Series design (not shunt)
  • True 0 to 100% PWM duty cycle
  • Setpoint accuracy 12V: +/-25mV; 24V: +/-48mV
  • Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting
  • Marine rated terminals / anodized case
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sealed / Flooded battery select
  • Parallel for 40 amps or more


Morningstar’s SunSaver 10 amp solar controller is ideal for single, or multiple panel 12V or 24V solar systems up to 10A total Short Circuit Current (Isc). Two units can be mounted in parallel for double amperage capacity.

  • Extremely High Reliability
    • Full, continuous current ratings at 60C ambient temperatures.
    • Advanced lightning and transient overvoltage protection.
    • Reverse polarity protection.
    • High quality surface-mount components.
    • Series switching design for improved safety and protection.
  • Outstanding PWM Battery Charge Control
    • Confirmed increase in battery capacities and operating life.
    • PWM Pulse charging for highest charge acceptance.
    • Standard temperature compensation.
    • Standard Sealed / Flooded battery select at the terminal.
    • Accuracy to millivolt levels.
    • 24V model includes Low Voltage Disconnect.
  • Highest Levels of Quality
    • Approved for use in Hazardous Locations: Class 1, Div. 2, Groups A-D.
    • Built in a world class ISO 9002 certified facility.
    • Automated production so every unit is exactly the same.
    • Parts soldered to 0006 inch accuracy.
    • Anodized case, marine terminals, custom potting material.

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Weight1.5 lbs