Samlex Portable PV Battery Charging Kit


  • MSK-90: 3 x 30W solar modules
  • MSK-135: 3 x 45W solar modules
  • 10 amp charge controller

  • Battery cables & 2-pin RV adapter


Samlex MSK portable solar charging kits make it easy to keep batteries charged off-grid or on-the-go. The folding set of solar panels is pre-wired to a 16 foot cable with battery clamps, and includes an RV adapter (if your RV is solar-ready, otherwise just attach directly to your battery). Everything comes in an insulated carrying case, so the panels are protected, and the whole kit stays together.

Included Components:

  • MSK-90: 3 30W PV modules (pre-wired)
  • MSK-135: 3 45W PV modules (pre-wired)
  • 10A charge controller
  • 2-pin bulled adapter for ‘solar-ready’ RVs
  • Carrying case

Additional information


135 Watt, 90 Watt